You know whenever you go to Dunelm there is always some nutjob in the soft furnishings aisle stroking the fur rugs and marveling how the suede cushions appear a slightly different colour depending on which way you brush the fabric? Yeah that’s me. Don’t say hi because I’m in my own little bubble and I’ll just ignore you.

And not that you asked but (fake) suede and fur are my two favourite ‘feels’
I wanted to make a lambswool jacket but I was aware that I was walking a thin line between fabulous and mini-Trotter, so I chose a feminine pale pink suede that already had the lambswool attached on the underside for a more slim-line finish. It came together pretty quickly:
I made a tiny collar at the back so it can be flipped up when I’m listening to my 80s classics which morphed into pockets at the front of the jacket.

I embroidered ‘waves’ into the sleeves in cream thread. You can’t see it very well in the photo I’m afraid. Just squint.
I think it looks especially good with a plain tshirt and skinny black jeans too 🙂


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