I bought this frump-fest for £3.99 from a charity shop knowing that it needed a fair bit of adjusting.
Fit adjustment-projects are mint for three reasons; the majority of the garment is already sewn so its easy to visualize the end garment; adjustments are quick and can usually be done in one afternoon aaaand I find it quite creative because for every kind of adjustment you want to make there are lots of different tricks/ways of doing it.

An example of one of these ‘creative possibilities’ fit-adjustment challenges is a waist band that hangs too low (like in the pic above.)
I could think of three ways to raise the waist of my new check dress; raise the shoulders; unpick the skirt and reattach it higher up -or- just fold over the waist band on the inside and topstitch it down again.

Raising the shoulders
Normally I would just dive straight into raising the shoulders as this is usually the easiest and quickest way to raise a whole dress, but in this instance due to the high back of the dress and the already high (and matronly) v-neck of the front, I figured that taking length out of the shoulder straps would also mean having to re-invent a whole new neckline. My mind conjured up horrific images of hours wasted re-bias-binding and measuring the symmetry of my new neck and I immediately dismissed this sewing option as idiotically time consuming.

Unpick the skirt and reattaching it
This dress was really well made so to remove the skirt from the top would mean unpicking some topstitching, some normal industrial-machine stitching AND some overlocking. This is the method I would use if I was fixing the dress for someone else, but since its just for me I decided to go with option C….

Just folding over the waist band
Ha, only took me 20 mins.

I also moved the buttons over slightly to make the dress tighter and I chopped off a good chunk at the hem too.


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